After the Dash

Liverpool Santa Dash

Today the Speedy Santas completed the Liverpool Santa Dash for 2010 and it was an eventful one!

We set off from Chester on the 8am MerseyRail train heading for Liverpool. However, this was our first mistake. The train was cancelled due to ice, a fact they really should have told us in Chester so we could have gone home and driven! So we were stuck in Hooton at 8.45 on a Sunday morning, not great when the Dash is starting in 45 minutes. Buses were on their was but not due to arrive for 45 minutes, not very helpful at all!

Luckily we managed to call in a lift and were finally, no thanks to MerseyRail (pretty angry about this), on our way to Liverpool!

We did miss the start of the Dash arriving at the Dash at 10am with the Dash starting at 9.30am. However, we soon caught up and after just over 30 minutes we completed the 5km course.

Another great Santa Dash with everyone having a brilliant time albeit eventually! We were a bit disappointed to miss the start and the build up, but we were very soon in the mix of things and off on the course!

There is still plenty of time to sponsor us and a big thank you to all of the very generous people who have sponsored us so far!

Let’s start the countdown to the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011, why not join us?