All Registered

This week Dan and Michelle signed up for the Liverpool Santa Dash so we are now officially, 100% committed to the Dash!! As soon as we have our race number we will let you know so any runners in the Dash can keep an eye out for us and say Hi!


It’s at the point of pressing submit on our applications that we both panicked and realised how out of shape we were for the Dash or at least we thought we were. Although the 5km Dash is only a fun run it’s always best to be in the frame of mind that you are going to try and run the course non-stop, or at least that’s the aim!

The plan we are aiming for is to start off with some gentle runs a few evenings and progress on distance and speed. At this point it’s a little over a month until the Dash so we still have time to get a few runs in before the event which should help us even if just a little bit!

So, fingers crossed and wish us luck :)