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10 October

Snowdon, a light bit of training!

Me On SnowdonThis weekend I decided to indulge in a little mountain expedition up Snowdon, Wales.

Snowdon stands at 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level so this wasn’t just a hill walk, it was a challenge. What made this even more challenging was the terrible weather that would greet us on Snowdon. I arrived at 8:30am and it was already raining and low mountain fog. Regardless I decided to still make my bid for the top!

I took the PYG track up as I had heard the views were spectacular – I missed these sights as the visibility was poor at best.

On the assent the weather continued to get worse and worse and the rain continued to pour, so much so that I ended up getting soaked through my waterproofs and my walking boots getting filled with water. Then when reaching the top ridge I was hit with a fierce wind that literally took your breath away – that paired with the torrential rain made for a very saturated approach for the summit.

When I reached the top I went into the summit cafe, drained my socks, t-shirt and trousers and headed back down… greeted with yet more wind and rain. On a positive I was already saturated with rain water from the way up so I didn’t get any wetter on my decent.

I now have the opinion that the nicest feeling ever is, after walking for 5 hours in soaking wet clothes, that moment where you get back, dry off and put on some dry clothes. Sitting in the car with the heaters on full gaining some feeling back into your limbs.

Was I wet? Yes
Were my legs sore from the NEED to get down as soon as possible? Yes
Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

Although it isn’t the highest mountain in the world, or even in the UK. It was still very satisfying to have battled the elements and reached the peak of Snowdon and got back down before 2 in the afternoon. Although that night I slept like a log so make no plans following your trip!

08 September

Chester Santa Dash 2011

Chester Santa DashOut and about in Chester today I was handed a flyer by two people in Santa hats, a little unusual for this time of year but little did I know what they were handing out flyers for, the Chester Santa Dash!

This is the first time that Chester has held a Santa Dash and what a great event for the city. The Liverpool Santa Dash has been a great success for many years and hopefully this new event can help create lots more sponsorship money for some very good charities as well as bring a little smile to the participants and spectators at the run.

The Speedy Santas are originally from Chester and it seems only fitting that we attend the fantastic Chester Santa Dash 2011 alongside the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011 that we participate in each year. With the Liverpool Santa Dash being on the 4th December and the Chester Santa Dash being on the 11th December, this should give the Speedy Santas plenty of time for recovery and to enjoy a few mince pies (and sherry) in preparation between the events.

The Chester Santa Dash is a festive family event open to all ages. Children ages 14 and under can enter the Santa Dash as long as they are accompanied by an adult. The Chester Santa Dash starts at 9:30am on Castle Drive, Chester.

Enter the Chester Santa Dash

11 July

Liverpool Santa Dash 2011

It is mid-summer and it’s very very warm! A stark contrast to the cold winters of the Liverpool Santa Dash. But still, training continues and plans are already in place for this years Santa Dash. Although the date is yet to be confirmed for the Dashing of the Santas there is still great excitement surrounding the event and I have received lots of emails from people asking what date the Dash will be.

As we are in no way linked to the organising of the Liverpool Santa Dash we do not have any idea to what date the event will be taking place. However, judging by previous years dates our guess would be that the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011 will be taking place on Sunday 4th December 2011.

So get those running shoes out, your santa suits pressed and your charity buckets decorated and get ready for the 2011 Liverpool Santa Dash!

11 January

New Year Resolutions

First of all may all of us here at Speedy Santas wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2011. Now with the turn of a new year it can only mean one thing… the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011! Now there’s a scary thought but training has already started.

It’s our new years resolution to keep the running routine strict and often with the aim being a minimum of 2 runs a week. So far this has not been going too well due to weather (you can’t run when it’s icy) and illness (all recovered now).

So here’s to the next 12 months of successful running and training out and about on the streets of Chester. We may even aim to complete another organised run in the summer although nothing will be as fun as the Liverpool Santa Dash on that cold December morning!

Keep your eyes peeled to the site for updates on our progress as well as news about what we are up to throughout the year!

05 December

After the Dash

Liverpool Santa Dash

Today the Speedy Santas completed the Liverpool Santa Dash for 2010 and it was an eventful one!

We set off from Chester on the 8am MerseyRail train heading for Liverpool. However, this was our first mistake. The train was cancelled due to ice, a fact they really should have told us in Chester so we could have gone home and driven! So we were stuck in Hooton at 8.45 on a Sunday morning, not great when the Dash is starting in 45 minutes. Buses were on their was but not due to arrive for 45 minutes, not very helpful at all!

Luckily we managed to call in a lift and were finally, no thanks to MerseyRail (pretty angry about this), on our way to Liverpool!

We did miss the start of the Dash arriving at the Dash at 10am with the Dash starting at 9.30am. However, we soon caught up and after just over 30 minutes we completed the 5km course.

Another great Santa Dash with everyone having a brilliant time albeit eventually! We were a bit disappointed to miss the start and the build up, but we were very soon in the mix of things and off on the course!

There is still plenty of time to sponsor us and a big thank you to all of the very generous people who have sponsored us so far!

Let’s start the countdown to the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011, why not join us?

05 December

Liverpool Santa Dash 2010

Well here it is, the Liverpool Santa Dash 2010!

Up at 6.50am and now on a train heading for the big smoke of Liverpool. Santa suits are on and we are all ready… apart from Chris who is currently ‘pimping’ his Santa suit, well elastic in the trousers, in preparation!

Rob Jones, Micheryl’s other half, is with us in human attire. He’s being dragged along to hold bags and offer support! Not that he is too impressed at the moment after a few too many eggnogs last night!!

So let’s go, wish us luck and please keep sponsoring, it’s for a great cause, Alder Hey Imagine Appeal!


Dan & Micheryl
(as well as the poor victims who have been dragged along)

04 December

The Dash Is Upon Us

Well it’s nearly upon us, tomorrow is the Liverpool Santa Dash 2010!

The weather is still very very cold and everywhere is still quite frozen. However, the dedicated runners in the Santa Dash will still be turning up bright and early tomorrow morning for a leisurely 5km run around Liverpool!

We will be heading over to Liverpool on the train, MerseyRail let anyone, in a Santa suit, travel for free on the day of the Dash… which is very kind of them!

So wish us luck and we’ll see you on the other side!

08 November

Run – 8th November 2010

Training for the Liverpool Santa DashIt’s Monday 8th November and Michelle and I have just been on a very cold yet very satisfying run! We decided to do a slightly longer route tonight and managed to complete 2.85 miles in 35 minutes while also on a personal level I beat my quickest mile time at 11 minutes 24 seconds, although I think this will be beaten easily over the forthcoming weeks.

These stats are measured by a very helpful little device that goes into my running shoe and connects to my iPod. It tells me all kinds of facts and figures about the run as well as plotting it on a map so I can see and track my progress.

According to this the run burnt off 324 calories which doesn’t sound like a lot and is probably the equivalent to a Kit Kat but as they say… every little helps!

How I Felt? Good
Weather Night & Cloudy
Terrain Road
Duration 35 minutes 45 seconds
Distance 2.85 miles
Mile Time 11 minutes 24 seconds
Calories 324

02 November

The First Run

Well we did it, we completed our first run!

Above is a photo of us just before we set off on our run which took us 2.16 miles around the dark and wet streets of Chester!

02 November

Start the Training

Tonight we will start our training for the Liverpool Santa Dash!

With little over a month to go until the Dash, Michelle and I thought it best to get a few gentle jogs in before the big day. So tonight we will be heading out onto the streets of Chester to start our not so strict training regime. It will be cold and now that the clocks have gone back it will also be very dark, not great for keeping an eye out for pot holes and other obstacles that could get in our way!

Previous years experience in the Dash has taught me that the main challenge is to withstand the constant itching caused by the Santa beards, we could train in these to try and replicate the running conditions although we may get some funny looks from passers by who are unaware of the Liverpool Santa Dash!

If you see us out tonight around Chester, we’d love you to give us a wave although we will probably be looking a lot worse for ware!