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08 September

Chester Santa Dash 2011

Out and about in Chester today I was handed a flyer by two people in Santa hats, a little unusual for this time of year but little did I know what they were handing out flyers for, the Chester Santa Dash! This is the first time that Chester has held a Santa Dash and what [...]

11 July

Liverpool Santa Dash 2011

It is mid-summer and it’s very very warm! A stark contrast to the cold winters of the Liverpool Santa Dash. But still, training continues and plans are already in place for this years Santa Dash. Although the date is yet to be confirmed for the Dashing of the Santas there is still great excitement surrounding [...]

05 December

After the Dash

Today the Speedy Santas completed the Liverpool Santa Dash for 2010 and it was an eventful one! We set off from Chester on the 8am MerseyRail train heading for Liverpool. However, this was our first mistake. The train was cancelled due to ice, a fact they really should have told us in Chester so we [...]

05 December

Liverpool Santa Dash 2010

Well here it is, the Liverpool Santa Dash 2010! Up at 6.50am and now on a train heading for the big smoke of Liverpool. Santa suits are on and we are all ready… apart from Chris who is currently ‘pimping’ his Santa suit, well elastic in the trousers, in preparation! Rob Jones, Micheryl’s other half, [...]

04 December

The Dash Is Upon Us

Well it’s nearly upon us, tomorrow is the Liverpool Santa Dash 2010! The weather is still very very cold and everywhere is still quite frozen. However, the dedicated runners in the Santa Dash will still be turning up bright and early tomorrow morning for a leisurely 5km run around Liverpool! We will be heading over [...]

08 November

Run – 8th November 2010

It’s Monday 8th November and Michelle and I have just been on a very cold yet very satisfying run! We decided to do a slightly longer route tonight and managed to complete 2.85 miles in 35 minutes while also on a personal level I beat my quickest mile time at 11 minutes 24 seconds, although [...]

02 November

The First Run

Well we did it, we completed our first run! Above is a photo of us just before we set off on our run which took us 2.16 miles around the dark and wet streets of Chester!

02 November

Start the Training

Tonight we will start our training for the Liverpool Santa Dash! With little over a month to go until the Dash, Michelle and I thought it best to get a few gentle jogs in before the big day. So tonight we will be heading out onto the streets of Chester to start our not so [...]

All Registered

This week Dan and Michelle signed up for the Liverpool Santa Dash so we are now officially, 100% committed to the Dash!! As soon as we have our race number we will let you know so any runners in the Dash can keep an eye out for us and say Hi! Training It’s at the [...]

19 October

New Speedy Santas Website

Hello and welcome to the new Speedy Santas website for the Liverpool Santa Dash! This new site will offer more up to date information from us here in our build up to the Santa Dash this year! Keep checking back for regular updates and useful information that could help you with your run, or if [...]