Run – 8th November 2010

Training for the Liverpool Santa DashIt’s Monday 8th November and Michelle and I have just been on a very cold yet very satisfying run! We decided to do a slightly longer route tonight and managed to complete 2.85 miles in 35 minutes while also on a personal level I beat my quickest mile time at 11 minutes 24 seconds, although I think this will be beaten easily over the forthcoming weeks.

These stats are measured by a very helpful little device that goes into my running shoe and connects to my iPod. It tells me all kinds of facts and figures about the run as well as plotting it on a map so I can see and track my progress.

According to this the run burnt off 324 calories which doesn’t sound like a lot and is probably the equivalent to a Kit Kat but as they say… every little helps!

How I Felt? Good
Weather Night & Cloudy
Terrain Road
Duration 35 minutes 45 seconds
Distance 2.85 miles
Mile Time 11 minutes 24 seconds
Calories 324