Snowdon, a light bit of training!

Me On SnowdonThis weekend I decided to indulge in a little mountain expedition up Snowdon, Wales.

Snowdon stands at 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level so this wasn’t just a hill walk, it was a challenge. What made this even more challenging was the terrible weather that would greet us on Snowdon. I arrived at 8:30am and it was already raining and low mountain fog. Regardless I decided to still make my bid for the top!

I took the PYG track up as I had heard the views were spectacular – I missed these sights as the visibility was poor at best.

On the assent the weather continued to get worse and worse and the rain continued to pour, so much so that I ended up getting soaked through my waterproofs and my walking boots getting filled with water. Then when reaching the top ridge I was hit with a fierce wind that literally took your breath away – that paired with the torrential rain made for a very saturated approach for the summit.

When I reached the top I went into the summit cafe, drained my socks, t-shirt and trousers and headed back down… greeted with yet more wind and rain. On a positive I was already saturated with rain water from the way up so I didn’t get any wetter on my decent.

I now have the opinion that the nicest feeling ever is, after walking for 5 hours in soaking wet clothes, that moment where you get back, dry off and put on some dry clothes. Sitting in the car with the heaters on full gaining some feeling back into your limbs.

Was I wet? Yes
Were my legs sore from the NEED to get down as soon as possible? Yes
Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

Although it isn’t the highest mountain in the world, or even in the UK. It was still very satisfying to have battled the elements and reached the peak of Snowdon and got back down before 2 in the afternoon. Although that night I slept like a log so make no plans following your trip!