Start the Training

Tonight we will start our training for the Liverpool Santa Dash!

With little over a month to go until the Dash, Michelle and I thought it best to get a few gentle jogs in before the big day. So tonight we will be heading out onto the streets of Chester to start our not so strict training regime. It will be cold and now that the clocks have gone back it will also be very dark, not great for keeping an eye out for pot holes and other obstacles that could get in our way!

Previous years experience in the Dash has taught me that the main challenge is to withstand the constant itching caused by the Santa beards, we could train in these to try and replicate the running conditions although we may get some funny looks from passers by who are unaware of the Liverpool Santa Dash!

If you see us out tonight around Chester, we’d love you to give us a wave although we will probably be looking a lot worse for ware!